Air Coolers

Let’s know how it works. Evaporative Coolers (Desert air coolers) and its function are pretty simple, and anyone can easily understand. These make use of an air blower, evaporative pads, recirculating water pump and a ball float valve. This type Read more

Out door Gas Heater

Outdoor Heaters

  We are one of UAE’s leading outdoor heater Supplier.Our Outdoor Patio Gas Heaters range comprises of outdoor heaters, patio heaters accessories, Patio Heaters, Outdoor and Patio Gas Heaters (mushroom, pyramid, and circular flame tube shapes) and electrical outdoor heaters.We also Read more

Evaporative cooling Systems

We provide Turnkey evaporative cooling projects, we design Supply and install all types of Fixed evaporative air coolers (Direct, Indirect, and IDEC) evaporative cooling systems. We have air coolers with  Top discharge, down discharge and side discharge models, suits almost any cooling Read more

Misting Fans and Fog Cannons

Misting Fans Misting fans are often employed for outdoor cooling and act as a humidifier. Misting fans principle is quite similar to evaporative coolers regarding optimizing the room temperature. These fans are often found in arid conditions where they serve Read more

Outdoor Cooling Fans

The benefits of outdoor cooling fans: Reducing  the humidity Increase air quality  Covers up to 2000 square meters energy consumption very low Size 3 and up to 14 meters Diameter noise  54 dB Only Five years Warranty maintenance free Built for outdoor and Industrial Applications     Largest Read more

Coolmax Outdoor AC

Coolmax Outdoor AC is the best outdoor air conditioner Available in Dubai and UAE market today. This Industrial Spot air conditioner can handle ambient temperature up to 55 degrees with 100% fresh air supply. Its unique design with first compressor condenser and evaporator arrangements making this Read more