Let’s know how it works.

Evaporative Coolers (Desert air coolers) or what We call here as evaporative outdoor AC and its function are pretty simple, and anyone can easily understand. These make use of an air blower, evaporative pads, recirculating water pump and a ball float valve. This type of cooling can be considered as an injection water vapor which takes heat from the surrounding, this heat is called as the sensible heat and is slowly changed into latent heat at constant enthalpy (evaporative cooling simpler explanation). This cooling causes a considerable temperature drop and brings comfort. These Evaporative coolers prove real feasible since they take only a fraction of energy as compared to the air conditioning systems and are completely eco-friendly.

Cut down your electricity bill.

We are often burdened with high electricity bills in Dubai that have gradually made a hole in our pocket. Today, we try to cut down on every expense and look for energy efficient appliances, which help us to cope up the high burden of the electricity bills that, keep increasing each month, we need to switch to energy efficient methods even. Evaporative coolers take only a fraction of the energy as compared to the air conditioning system that one may have at home. At the cost of running of one A.C., one can run ten evaporative coolers which seem a good option to switch. Moreover, they even cater for your outdoor cooling which even your portable air conditioner would fail to do. High bills? It’s time to get home an evaporative cooler.

Other options available like industrial evaporative air cooler, misting fans, and mist fogging system, using the same concept of evaporative cooling to beat the heat in Semi-open/open to sky areas and as spot coolers/spot cooling solution.

Elegant new design good performance portable outdoor air cooler (evaporative air cooler conditioner, swamp cooler or wet cooler)


Main features of our evaporative outdoor A/C’s

  • High air flow evaporative cooling and low noise, when well maintained.
  • Micro-controller smart control.
  • Handle design to be portable while brake caster easy to move.
  • Low power consumption, using the evaporative cooling technique.
  • High-quality motor, quiet fan, satisfying cooling effect and reasonable price.
  • Using good quality plastic, durable and UV-proof (Most models).
  • Specially designed top with multi-functional tray, nice look.
  • Two speeds fan, soft wind, little noise, good air flow.
  • Low water level protection.
  • Compared to traditional air conditioners, energy will be saved more than 80%.
  • Equipped with an energy-efficient motor with variable speed.
  • Equipped with casters, automatic louvers, a timer and three air inlets.
  • Big water tank keeps operation for an extended time without water resource, after entirely filled with water.
  • Suitable for any outdoor hot places, such as Warehouses, Restaurants, Hotels, Events, Parties, Patios, workshop, workers dormitory, recreation facilities, etc. Efficient cooling airflow and very low energy cost.