The evaporative outdoor AC or Outdoor cooler needs consistent maintenance to work well. In a humid and hot environment, like the Emirates, the air carries many dust particles that affect their working. And the user could cause some issues as well. Here we will cover both sides that might cause operation issues.

For more understanding of the following, please check how evaporative air coolers work first.

air cooler maintenance Tips

User and operation issues:

Operating the cooler within its operation conditions is a must. And using it correctly is not less important. Some of important tips that apply to most portable evaporative AC’s are:

  • Do not keep or operate the cooler under the sun (unless you have no option)

Even-though the portable air coolers are for outdoor use, that doesn’t mean all models are UV resistant. This means that some models’ body material might degrade from sun rays. Also keep in mind that the extremely hot sun (like in UAE) lower the cooler efficiency noticeably.

  • Do not flip the cooler on side or upside down even in storage

Most portable evaporative AC’s have water tanks with float switches and submersible pumps. And while everything might seem fine to you from outside, These components inside might get affected by the flip. If the float protecting the pump is de-positioned, the pump might run dry with no water and burn. Or the tank might get over-filled if its float stopped working.

  • Operating in extreme humid conditions

This is actually energy saving advice rather than maintenance. When humidity goes around 90%, the evaporative cooling efficiency in near to zero. So better to switch-off the evaporative cooling and run fan only. Also some add ice to water tank and keep it running.

The float switches and pump inside a portable evaporative outdoor AC or cooler

Routine and preventive maintenance:

Good maintenance of evaporative air coolers will make the coolers last more and work more efficiently. To keep up the air cooler in shape,there are some tips to follow:

  • Cleaning inlet air filters

These are the visible filers that come before the evaporative pads. Since they are mostly visible and easily accessed without any disassembly, this process is very easy and takes a couple of minutes only. They need to be cleaned frequently as needed, at least 1 time per month.

  • Cleaning the evaporative pads

These pads that come mostly in honeycomb shape are critical to the cooler operation. There are windblown dust and dirt that get gathered in the pads , making muck and obstructing air flow and water delivery. Even cause smell if unmaintained for long time. These need to be cleaned 1-2 times per year, and replaced every 2-4 years.

  • Cleaning the water tank

You need to clean and sanitize the internal water tank at regular intervals. To prevent the development of residue, organism and green growth inside the air cooler. The cleaning process is like cleaning the drinking water tank. The tank of the air cooler need to be cleaned at 1 time per year.

  • Visual check

Whenever you open the back of the evaporative cooler, you could see most of the internal parts. Take a look at the hoses condition, floats and pump position at bottom of the tank.


We wish that these tips help and let your air cooler work efficiently and effectively.


Last edited May, 15th, 2019