evaporative Cooling Systems
evaporative Cooling Systems
Evaporative Cooling Systems

We provide Turnkey evaporative cooling projects, we design Supply and install all types of Fixed evaporative air coolers (Direct, Indirect, and IDEC) evaporative cooling systems.

We have air coolers with  Top discharge, down discharge and side discharge models, suits almost any cooling project. Its ideal solution for cost effect cooling for warehouses, factories and workshops.

XC18DDI heavy duty Evaporative air cooler is suitable for fixed installations in warehouses, industrial and commercial buildings.

installed fixed Evaporative Cooler


  • Low cost cooling.
  • High efficiency.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Low carbon emissions.
  • Perfect for green buildings.

Main specifications:

Airflow 18000 (m3/h)
Exterior Size 1100×1100×950 (mm)
Speed Variable speed
Gross Weight 80 (kg)
Power Supply 220/50 (V/Hz)
Power Consumption 1.1 (kw)
Water Capacity 40 (ltr)
Water consumption 10-20 (ltr/hr)
Effective Area 100-150 (m2)
Controller LCD Touch Screen
Auto Fan Type Axial
Noised ≤67 (dB)
Evaporation Efficiency 0.85


If you need portable outdoor cooling, Check our evaporative outdoor AC models