Indoor and outdoor coolers and Industrial Evaporative Coolers

This is a portable Outdoor Coolers cools outdoor space air by drawing warm air across an evaporative Filter membrane (Evaporative Pads), the pump located the bottom water tank filled with water.

Those outdoor coolers using the pump the drips the water across this evaporative filter which is located backside of the unit.

This outdoor Air cooler has a fan in front, and this fan will pull the air across the wet media and blows the cold air out. You can run this thing just as a fan, or if you kick on the pump then it’s going to start dripping water cross and the evaporation will cool the air this valve adjusts the flow rate of the water, and the water drips across this membrane. This is just about perfect you don’t want the thing thoroughly soap and you don’t want to see water dripping all over you want just enough dripping that there are a few dry streaks in there that that’s just about the right amount of water now this is not a swamp cooler these are often confused with swamp coolers which can be used for interior cooling, and outdoor cooler is intended for outdoor spaces or someone in closed spaces such as this tent we’ve got plenty of air flow. So how well does it work well the unit like this is going to work best and hot dry conditions such as Al Ain. It will drop the temperature anywhere from 5 to 13 degrees if it’s hot, dry day. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai or some other places where it’s a little more humid that change in temperature it’s going to be much less maybe five degrees. But still, it’s good cooling with all this big air flow blowing in front since high air velocity will help people to feel more cooling. So it’s always good to have it, and you will feel right exactly it’s working great. Can be used for tent cooling or factory cooling. Also the typical usage for those coolers open and outdoor cooling.

So when it’s hot, that’s the call for portable outdoor cooler

you can use it on your patio garage large for parties or on a working site.

Available models:


Outdoor Cooler 80x


Water tank capacity100L



Model XC80X
Max airflow 8000m3/h
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz
power 360w
Overall size capacity.100L 1400*850*470mm
Weight 37Kg


air cooler

7000 m3 per hour  AIR Cooler

Model XC70
Max airflow 7000m3/h
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz
power 290w
Water tank capacity 70L
Overall size 860*530*1400mm
Weight 35Kg



evaporative cooler

Model XC80
Max airflow 8000m3/h
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz
power 300W
Water tank capacity 70L
Overall size 1400*850*470mm
Weight 37Kg



Evaporative Cooling Machine

12000 m3 per hour Evaporative Cooling Machine

Model XC012
Max airflow 12000m3/h
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz
power 450w
Water tank capacity 60L
Overall size 900*600*1430mm
Weight 45Kg


Air coolers and Swamp desert coolers are a type of evaporative cooler using fan to Pull or push Air to pass throw wet media pad.

air cooler Evaporative pad

When the weather is hot and Dry the Evaporative air cooler is the best and when the weather is more humid the Evaporative air cooler cant do much more than moving Air. or you can support it by feeding ice cubes into the water tank to get cooler air.

Evaporative cooler output

since Evaporative cooling is related to humidity level, the following chart shows how much cooling you can get from evaporative Air coolers based on Outside ambient air temperature and humidity.


Here is the Bad news , as we all know Dubai weather is humid, so you cant Expect much from evaporative cooling but Since Air coolers can move a lot of air,you can get in addition to cooling from Evaporative cooling , you’ll feel more  cooling from the hug air flow fan.

The best thing about Evaporative air coolers that They use much less energy than air conditioners, and can provide much more air flow.

Actually for outdoor cooling application there is no better way to do it than Evaporative cooling, because the need of Hug air flow

so lets face it , if you have an patio or Restaurant outdoor are need cooling , you don’t have many options to do it.

there is 2 options , Evaporative cooling machines or misting fans and mist system

Our air cooler available with variety of sizes and shapes for Rental within Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE , please check our website for more information



Industrial Cooler

Model XC-018
Max airflow 18000m3/h
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz
power 750w
Water tank capacity 126L
Overall size 1120*720*1500mm
Weight 58Kg


Industrial Metal Evaporative air Cooler (Heavy Duty)

Industrial Metal Evaporative air Cooler (Heavy Duty)


Airflow 24000 to 41000 m3
Power 1300 watt
Power supply 220v /50 Hz
Fan type Axial
Fan speed Multi  speeds
Water tank capacity 200 L
Water consumption 20-30 L/h
Application area >100 m2
Height 2000 mm
Noise 73 db
Net weight 137 kg


Portacool Cooler

Port a Cool Outdoor Cooler

PortaCool CYCLONE 2000 Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air cooler

Best performance, its easy to use portable evaporative cooler its can produces cool air where ever it is needed. And you can  enjoy your outdoor space longer, even when it is extremely hot!

KUUL High-quality evaporative media

  • Centrifugal fan air delivery



Voltage/frequency 220-240V/50~60HZ
Air delivery 2,000 CFM / 3,398 m3/hr
Velocity 30 mph / 48 kph
Dimensions 79 H x 61 W x 64 D cm
Net weight 61 lb / 28 kg
Applicable area 500 s.f. / 46 m2
water capacity 10 G / 38 L
Part number PACCYC02



Evaporative air coolers also called swamp coolers and desert coolers are best coolers for hot and dry conditions mostly because it uses natural way to cool the air for fresh outdoor cooler.


Working of evaporative air coolers is quite simple. It works on evaporation, as the name says.

Evaporative air coolers pull in hot dry air into, them. The moistening pad inside the cooler absorbs heat from this dry air and the hence the moisture from the pad evaporates. This moisture helps cooling the air. It humidifies air up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold air circulates and cools down the environment.

Why Evaporative air coolers:

It is efficient than traditional AC.

They use 10 times less energy.

They are not costly.

No installation needed like in portable AC.

All you need to do in an Evaporative air cooler:

Fill the reservoir with cold water.

Give fresh air supply while its turned on.

Use them only in hot climate.


Multiple cooling speed

Programmable timers

Cleaning indicators


Maintaining swamp coolers is the simplest one.  It just has two things to do.

Clean the water tank regularly.

Replace the moistening pad.

Choosing a swamp cooler:

Evaporative air coolers are available in different sizes whose coverage area ranges from 15 square meters to 2000+ square meters. they can be used as an evaporative outdoor air conditioner or outdoor AC.Some can be used only for indoors, some only for outdoors and others for both indoors and outdoors.If you need coolers for bedrooms or living rooms, Indoor air coolers are good. If you need it for patio, swimming pool, etc.., swamp coo.lers for Indoor and Outdoor can be used. Outdoor coolers are best for large halls, garages, etc..,


Evaporative air coolers have been proven to be more reliable than other ACs. From cost to maintenance Evaporative air coolers makes itself more comfortable for using for indoor and outdoor.

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